About the company

We are U.S. Importers & Distributors of high quality All Purpose & Tealight Candles from reputable factories around the world, with warehousing facilities in the city of Miami Gardens (Hialeah), FL. The factories we work with have years of experience & state-of-the-art machinery which can handle mass production with consistent accuracy. We sell thru wholesalers, distributors & jobbers in various industries. Our other sales are direct to Super markets, Discount Chain stores, restaurants, Churches & other similar businesses. The company has always considered itself as "a work in progress", & continues its aim towards reaching perfection. We also welcome our customer's input & always value their suggestions in improving our products. Quality has always been of paramount importance to us & will never be compromised.

About the products

Our products are specially designed for value-conscious retail customers who are always looking for quality at a reasonable price. A lot of effort has been made to achieve smart packaging to attract customers walking thru the store isles. We use specially formulated waxes & 100% cotton wicks in the making which allows us to present a smokeless, dripless, clean burning even flame candle for long hours of use. This experience brings satisfied customers with repeat business to the stores.

Bulk packaging is also available for institutional customers who use candles in large quantities & do not necessarily require retail packs.