Private Labels & Direct Import programs are available for container load buyers.

Retail Packs

4" All Purpose Candles<br>7pc, 8pc or 9pc Box4" All Purpose Candles
7pc, 8pc or 9pc Box
4" Household Candles<br>10pc or 12pc Box4" Household Candles
10pc or 12pc Box
4" Sabbath Candles<br>72pc Display Box4" Sabbath Candles
72pc Display Box

5" Emergency Candles<br>5pc Box5" Emergency Candles
5pc Box
6" Utility Candles<br>4pc or 6pc Box6" Utility Candles
4pc or 6pc Box
8" Home Décor Candles<br>3pc or 4pc Box8" Home Décor Candles
3pc or 4pc Box

Bulk Packaging

Various lengths & thicknesses, with different colors & packaging could be made for special orders.